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As the National Disability Insurance Scheme progresses in the Wide Bay area, we at David Reid Homes are excited by the developments it brings.

Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a funding initiative allocated by the Federal Government to assist people with a disability and investors to buy or build a home that suits their needs. Participants aged between 7 and 65, an Australian citizen or permanent Australian residence with an extreme functional impairment or have very high support needs are eligible to access this funding. Investors are also welcome to apply as providers for such individuals.

Last year, Queensland alone held 757 NDIS participants who had SDA in their plan (June 2018). This year the National estimate is 18,000 individuals. What a great opportunity for people with a disability to own their own home!

When calculating a participants SDA funding provision from SDA, the NDIA considers the participant’s goals and preferences based on:

  • Design category, (which is determined by the participant’s support needs – i.e. improved living, high supports, robust etc);
  • Dwelling type, (determined by both the goals and needs of the participant to achieve said goals);
  • Location, (which is determined by both the goals and needs of the participant, and which represents value for money).

Funding available for participants purchasing an existing home can range between $4,200 and $62,500. A participant wanting to initiate a new build can access between $12,800 and $110,000.

David Reid Homes Fraser Coast is proud employer of individuals and families with disabilities. We are inclusive, understanding and value our employee needs in this particular area.

If you are an NDIA participant with SDA funding in your plan, we at David Reid Home Fraser Coast invite you to come and see us. We are most excited about this funding and the opportunity to work with any individual to build you a home that is accommodating to your needs and supports.

For more information about SDA and eligibility click here.

To chat with Tony and his team at David Reid Homes Fraser Coast call 0409 269 914.

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