Compact Luxury

We often get asked if we build smaller homes. Absolutely we do! We can cater to your design brief. Just because a floor plan may be smaller in size, it doesn’t need to be smaller in luxury.

The Naomi design is a classic example of a popular smaller home design. Suitable for a narrow block, the Naomi can be modified to suit our client’s needs. This design has been very popular with young families or working couples starting out with their first build.

The Naomi design starts at 211sqm. Width 11.3m and Length 23.02m.

Raising the Standard

David Reid Homes is ‘Raising the Standard’. This isn’t just a motto for us – it is something we take very seriously in everything we do throughout our company. We aim to deliver a home that exceeds  expectations in design, build and aesthetics, and we also want to ensure that the process from start to finish is exceptional. To do this we set extremely high standards for our entire team at David Reid Homes and want you to know that your ‘standards’ are our priority.

Each individually designed home will be unique – as no two David Reid Homes are ever the same. Our designs reflect each individual homeowner’s flair and creativity, and are tailored to complement their unique geographic setting.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer care extended to our clientele. This superior service starts with your unique design and is carried through all aspects of our management of your home build:  including the products we use, suppliers and master craftsmen we work with, our attention to detail and our engagement with you throughout the process. We treat you just as we would want to be treated when building our own luxury home.

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